This is not an every day job. Semi Truck A/C Recharge and a “small” service.

Project Description:

This semi truck was getting a bit hot inside the cab during the summer, air conditioning was not cooling properly.

What We Did:
  • Using proper tools and equipment we were able to find the leak.
  • Ordered all correct parts to repair the Air Conditioning system
  • Replaced all parts and recharged system with proper refrigerant and amount.
  • Tested the system was cooling to 52 degrees!
  • Several months went by and it is still cooling properly!
  • Properly functioning A/C system should cool for a long time.
  • Small service was greasing all of the 27 points, which took some time and grease.
  • We normally work on all of the everyday vehicles Air Conditioning systems and services and sometimes on semi trucks too.