How are your brakes?

Project Description:

Damage done to our brakes from the winter salt treatment:

How to make your brakes last longer in Pennsylvania:
  • Inside of the brake rotor (see the picture) will rust faster than the outside because it is not vented when vehicle sits a lot. Driving it more and using an undercarriage wash often help prevent this problem.
  • Brake pads get stuck in the brackets and wear prematurely – this is caused by corrosion and rust buildup between your brake pad and the bracket it sits in, which is supposed to move free.
  • Replace your brakes by a professional. During a brake job, all metal-to-metal contact points need to be cleaned and lubricated – this will prolong the life of your brakes.
  • Properly torqued lug nuts will not warp your brake rotors – yes, that happens more and more because shops do not use proper techniques.
  • We are your professional brake installer and more.