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Tire Sales and Repair, Mount and Balance.

Tire Sales and repair: From the day the business was started, we were selling and installing tires. Professional Equipment: We use a state-of-the-art mounting machine and balancer, which gets regular maintenance and calibration. The tire business is very competitive, but we are still able to give you a good price and quality service. We repair… Continue Reading →

Vehicle does not start.

Engine Repair: Owner could not get the vehicle started What We Did: Verified no start condition, engine turns over (cranks) but does not start. Sounds like there is no compression, so we performed compression test – does not look good. All cylinders had 0 psi compression, should have been at least a 100 psi. Further… Continue Reading →

State Inspection and Emissions

Did you know: We are your full-service auto repair shop and Inspection Station State Certified Inspection and Emissions Station: Get your car inspected here, thorough and honest inspections. We are certified OBDII inspection station. We can perform visual inspection and gas cap test, which is what’s required for Centre County. Also we can perform OBD2/OBDII… Continue Reading →

Light Truck Repairs

Project Description: Truck came in with brake problems – grinding and pulling when braking. What We Did: Discussed symptoms in detail with the customer (more details help us identify the problem better) and duplicated the issues on a test drive with the customer. After we determined what was causing the problem, we put together a… Continue Reading →

Complete European Vehicles Service

Project Description: Scheduled tune up service for BMW as recommended by the manufacturer. What We Did: Discussed recommended options with client and why it is beneficial. All services are done to prolong your vehicle’s life, efficiency and increase fuel economy. We only use good quality parts and fluids, which are recommended by the manufacturer. All… Continue Reading →

How are your brakes?

Project Description: Damage done to our brakes from the winter salt treatment: How to make your brakes last longer in Pennsylvania: Inside of the brake rotor (see the picture) will rust faster than the outside because it is not vented when vehicle sits a lot. Driving it more and using an undercarriage wash often help… Continue Reading →

Torn CV Axle Boots

Project Description: Customer came in for an oil change and during our FREE 27 point inspection, we noticed completely torn CV boots. The purpose of the CV boot is to keep the grease in and keep the dirt out.  In this case, the rubber boot was split open and dirt destroyed the CV joint causing it… Continue Reading →


Project Description: Vehicle came in for clicking noise and fluid leak… What We Found: Front differential case was cracked in half! This is on a TrailBlazer which did not tow anything and was an everyday regular driving vehicle To fix this we had to completely disassemble under carriage of the vehicle to remove and replace… Continue Reading →

Rusty Brake Rotors

Project Description: Rear brakes were making a noise… What We Found: Brake rotor is rusted off or broke off the hub – look closer at the pictures. This vehicle just past state safety inspection at another garage, not all shops created or managed equally. We provide honest and high quality repairs for all of our… Continue Reading →