Torn CV Axle Boots

Project Description:

Customer came in for an oil change and during our FREE 27 point inspection, we noticed completely torn CV boots. The purpose of the CV boot is to keep the grease in and keep the dirt out.  In this case, the rubber boot was split open and dirt destroyed the CV joint causing it to need to be replaced.

Why replace a bad CV joint:
  • If it clicks or makes noises during turns, it is letting you know that it will break soon and will cause damage or leave you stranded.
  • CV axle is the part that transfers rotational motion from your engine/transmission to your wheels. If it breaks, your car will not go anywhere.
  • The issue was rectified by replacing the damaged part with a BRAND NEW CV axle (re-manufactured parts could cause vibrations and noises).
  • Test drove vehicle after repair. It runs smoothly without any noises or vibrations.
  • Another satisfied customer!